X-Ensems. Educational concert

Thursday 22 September 2022
Auditori ADDA d’Alacant
Free admission with invitation until full capacity
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X-Ensems is the Ensems Music Festival’s educational project organised by the Valencian Institute of Culture. It is a programme geared towards experimentation and sound creation for all kinds of audiences, with special emphasis on children and young people. This year, the aim is to give continuity to a proposal that we began in the previous one: to provide children and young people with the ability to express themselves artistically via composition materials created especially for them. This means going beyond the educational aspect that this material provides so as to enable them to express and share music on stage regardless of their age or musical level, expanding the limits of what we call education as regards artistic creation.
This time, two groups of children and young students of elementary and professional levels will be taking part. On the one hand, the “Guitarrista José Tomás” Professional Conservatory of Music will be participating, along with the “José Espadero” Professional Dance Conservatory of Alicante. On the other, there will be the Utiel Professional Conservatory of Music, the Mariano Pérez Sánchez Professional Conservatory of Music of Requena, and the Valencia Higher Conservatory of Music’s composition classroom. Composers David Leal and Joan Gómez will be tasked with creating the pieces for the two groups.
Taking the umbrella concept upon which this year’s Ensems festival is based as a point of reference, the educational project explores play as a dialogue, bridge or window with the social and cultural reality of each era and context. It is play understood as a way of rehearsing, interpreting and making sense of the world.
The works by the two composers chosen for the educational project, David Leal and Joan Gómez, explore this idea through the absurd and satirical language of the writer Lewis Carroll and his work Alice trough the Looking Glass.


Alícia a través de l’espill (Obra encàrrec de l’Institut Valencià
de Cultura, 2022) David Leal (1994) 20’
Alícia creua l’espill
Jardí de les flors parlants
Cançó de bressol

Conservatori Professional de Música “Guitarrista José Tomás” percussion and saxofon percussion classroom and Alacant Conservatori Professional de dansa “José Espadero”.

Jóse Antonio Suay, Adrià Garcia, Javi Carrillos, Asun Noales and Ricardo Millor.

Jabberwocky (Obra encàrrec de l’Institut Valencià de Cultura, 2022) Joan Gómez (1990) 20’

CPM Mariano Pérez Sánchez de Requena cello classroom and
CPM d’Utiel percussion classroom.

Manuel Santapau, Rocío Cintero, Miguel Hernández and Marc Moreno.

David Leal’s piece, Alice Through the Looking Glass, written for an ensemble of saxes, percussion and dance, takes as its starting point the second part of Lewis Carroll’s 1871 novel of the same name. In this work, Alicia enters the world she finds through the looking glass. The dreamlike, absurd place invented by Carroll acts as inspiration in this work through four movements: Alicia crosses the looking glass, Jabberwocky, the Garden of Talking Flowers and the Lullaby.
Joan Gómez’s piece ‘Jabberwocky’, written for an ensemble of strings, percussion, electronics and video creation, explores the imagery of the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, found in his tale Alice Through the Looking Glass, based on the surrealist aesthetic approach proposed by the filmmaker Svankmajer in his famous 1971 short film. The resulting audiovisual composition puts forward a deconstruction of the filmmaker’s material via the presence of toys, furniture, buildings and engravings of the era. It is a piece that dialogues with a critical interpretation of Carroll as regards the customs and morals of Victorian society.