Party Studies. Spook & Chocolate route with Mauro Benavidez and Andrea González

Saturday 17 September 2022
Discoteca Spook
Free admission with prior registration
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Party Studies is conceived as a framework for investigating the party as a dynamic and complex means of expression. The party is posed as an experimental scenario of coexistence in which the party, music, delirium, hospitality, aggressiveness and drunkenness stand out as defining principles. As such, the festival marks instances of passage, flight, connection and failure, passing from the social ritual and the ceremonial banquet to the celebratory rupture; from small-scale gatherings to large-scale raves, from weddings to birthdays, from apartments to territories on the outskirts; parties define sociality as transformative and transient.
Following the expressive dynamics of the party, Party Studies works as a series of publications, workshops and events. The central point of the series is the consideration of the party as a fundamentally relational construction that enables forms of sociability and at the same time places tension on them, where hospitality and the inhospitable, pain and pleasure intersect. In this sense, the common world that makes up a party is equally excessive, tending towards rupture, even to violence, and in the end turned into a relic of the next day. Defining a space of affinity, the party equally exceeds itself, giving way to an erotic intensity where relationality moves towards states of delirium. The party emerges as a critical and creative space to re-elaborate the body’s orders, and it is considered in the extreme to feed a movement where good society is put on hold and the presentation of the self becomes disordered.

6.00 .p.m Spook and Chocolate route with Mauro’s talk Welcome and screening of Es Imposible No Puede Ser, notes for a vampire film in the Ruta del Bacalao, by Andrea Gonzalez.

5.00 p.m h Departure from the headquarters of the Valencian Institute of Culture at Pl. de Viriat and return at 9:00 p.m. Capacity limited to placeso f the bus. Requires prior registration at here.