Sunday 17 September 2023
IVAM - València
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Ana Mora and Amanda Gutiérrez, Sono(soro)ridades collective

Stuart Jackson: percussion, guest musician

Rafael Tormo: cultural link


This event begins with a guided tour of the open studio at IVAM of the artistic residency of the Sono-(soro)ridades collective as part of the ENSEMS festival. The IVAM will be the starting point for the beginning of the Augmented Reality sound walk. The walk will culminate with a sound performance in the IVAM patio open to the general public.

This project is based on the acoustic ecology of traditional public laundries as places for meeting and socialisation for women and children that fostered a network of aural relationships, where communication, care and raising children all combined spatially and bodily. Its content is fed by
interviews and in-situ sound recordings of the vestiges of traditional public laundries in Valencia, in order to recover and amplify listening through the oral histories of those who inhabited these spaces and whose memories linger to this day.

The project links doing laundry (‘fer safareig’) with water as a resonant medium of this land through a feminist listening by focusing on these communities’ aural connections through narratives in situ. Within the Ensems festival, the Sono-(soro)ridades collective is taking part in an artistic residency, focusing on aural experiences that include reflections on in situ corporalities, gender, migration, decolonisation and more. Their participation involves a sample of the process with the documentation from their research and artistic creation. The live work will take place after a soundwalk by means of an acoustic and performance show in real time.


Ana Alfonsina Mora Flores

Doctoral student in Arts (DAVEI: PhD in Visual, Performing and Interdisciplinary Arts) from the National Institute of Fine Arts. Piano Teacher via Brooklyn College, NY. Degree in pianist music from the Universidad de las Américas, Puebla, obtaining the best average from the School of Arts and Humanities, and Magna cum Laude. She has earned scholarships for Arts and Sciences at UDLAP, the Fundación Espinosa Rugarcía, Seymour, and the Sylvia Rothchild Memorial. She has also performed on stages in Mexico, the US and Canada. Currently, she is a part-time piano teacher at UDLAP and a collaborator on the MUSEXPLAT (Latin American Experimental Music) platform. As for her academic work, her research focuses on noise within experimental sound practices in Latin America made by artists who identify as women, dissidents and minorities.

Amanda Gutiérrez

Gutiérrez was born in Mexico City in 1978. She completed her master’s degree at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, specialising in performance and new media. In Mexico, she completed her undergraduate studies in stage design at the INBA National School of Theatre Art, the institution that awarded her an honourable mention for her research: “The development of electronic media in the Performing Arts of the 20th Century”.

Amanda Gutiérrez is on the board of directors of the World Listening Project (Global Listening Project) and the organising committee of the Mexican Acoustic Ecology Network (REA). Both are organisations that encourage aural practices and acoustic ecology, an area to which she committed her doctoral studies at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, and as part of the Listening Laboratory research team at the same location. Her documentary on virtual reality walks Flaneuse>La Caminanta was presented in 2019 at the Second International Colloquium on Art and Immersivity held at the National Music Library of Mexico, at the Folly Systems festival at the Roulette Intermedium’s theatre, at the Female Migrations collective exhibition at La Nacional, the Harvestworks International Electronic Art Festival in New York City, the 6th Pedestrian Congress in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico, at the RE:SOUND conference, and the 8th International Conference for Histories of Media Arts 2019 in Denmark.

In 2011, the series “Brief stories of fictions” concluded, consisting of four projects carried out using the same methodology and work strategies from the fields of documentary and performance. This series has won two awards: the Fellowship Competition 2007 and CAAP 2008 (Community Arts Assistance Program), and she was selected as a finalist to receive the 2009 Artadia Chicago National Art Award.

Throughout her career, she has obtained various artistic residencies. The first was awarded with the Solaris project, carried out at the CMM (Multimedia Centre in Mexico City). Afterwards, she carried out the Radial project over a two-month artistic residency at ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie) in Germany. This project was presented at the Sound and Image Festival in Mexico City and Version>04 Invisible Networks, in Chicago, Illinois. In the city of Chicago, she was granted the Incubate residency from the Chicago Cultural Center, with a stay of six months, working on the piece The Coming Out Stage, presented at the In>Time performance and new media festival in the city of Chicago. In 2009, she was selected by the Artist Village in Taipei, Taiwan, and by the 2009 FONCA Centre’s Artistic Residency Programme in Banff, in the area of new media, residencies during which she carried out the project “Tracking memory”. In 2012 she earned the EMAN-EMARE scholarship and prize, holding a residency at FACT, Liverpool.

In 2011 she created the video trilogy Topographies of time, backed by the FONCA 2011 Cultural Promotion and Conversion Program. This series has been exhibited in contemporary art museums internationally, such as the Windor Gallery in Madrid, Spain; the Khiasma Gallery in Paris, France; the Move Forward Festival in Halle, Germany; the Art Biennial in Liverpool, UK, in 2012; the Ex Teresa Arte Actual museum in Mexico D.F.; and Action Art Actuelle in Montreal, Canada.

Gutiérrez has recently been concentrating especially on the role of sound in everyday experience, drawing on methods from urban studies and acoustic ecology. Through regular use of participatory techniques such as soundwalking and drift, she applies her vision of artistic practice. Gutiérrez has spent a decade teaching in diverse settings ranging from high schools on Chicago’s South Side to a seniors’ centre on New York’s Upper West Side, as well as academic institutions such as SAIC, Connecticut College and Columbia University. She has spent numerous artistic residencies at FACT, Liverpool, the UK; ZKM in Germany; TAV in Taiwan; and the Bolit Art Centre in Spain. Her work has been exhibited internationally at venues such as The Liverpool Biennial in 2012 and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.


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Free concert until full capacity.

Aimed at the general public from 12 years old.