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Photo Camila Paz Marinone

Photo Camila Paz Marinone

September 18, 2021

Alfonso Noriega


Pensamiento (2019) Israel López Estelche (1983)

Hyperlude II (2014/2019) Francisco Coll (1985)

3 Notturni Brillanti (1975) Salvatore Sciarrino (1947)

Hyperlude V (2014/2019) Francisco Coll (1985)

Sonata for viola An den Gesang Eines Engels (1955) Bern Aloise Zimmermann (1918-70)

The Su Song Star Map (2019) Liza Lim (1966)

Pensamiento para Viola by Israel López Estelche is a piece created in a single stroke, divisible into three moments, each of which develops a specific sonority. The main idea is based on preserving the viola’s almost air-like capacity for delicacy, using all of the expressive techniques and resources provided by the instrument, ranging from the use of wide, dynamic contrasts in register to agile, almost volatile harmonics. The work is dedicated to and inspired by Alfonso Noriega.

The work Hyperludes by Francisco Coll is a series of short pieces for solo violin that may be understood as a contemporary partita. Hyperlude II was premièred for violin by Patricia Kopatchinskaja in June 2019 in Berne. Hyperlude V was a gift from the composer to his wife on their wedding day. In this concert, the versions of these pieces for viola are being premièred.

The work 3 Notturni Brillanti by Salvatore Sciarrino is the first in which the composer applied his characteristic way of writing for strings. It is the result of a request from the well-known violist and professor Piero Farulli, who needed a simple piece to help his students become familiar with the challenges of performing contemporary music for viola. The result ended up being far removed from the simplicity initially proposed. 

With musical material consisting exclusively of harmonics, to the violist Aldo Bennici’s credit he has demonstrated how a hand can overcome the listener’s capacities. He was able to execute what the composer himself considered to be an impossible task, in addition to giving a new boost to the instrumental technique. He updated what would otherwise have continued to be a utopian trend in Sciarrino’s music. Each sound is born individually; its components, including timbre and intensity, are indivisible in this musical creation. 

The sonata for Viola An den Gesang Eines Engels (To the Chant of an angel) was written by Bern Aloise Zimmermann in memory of the composer’s daughter Barbara, who died soon after her birth. This self-characterized “chorale prelude” is based on Gelobet seist Du Jesu Christ and tracks a pseudo-scientific journey of private inquiries. 

At times the instrument duets with its own implications, while at others it shatters itself into a hundred pieces. Built on a mirror form, in this one movement sonata the composer pays homage to some of the solo works that had influenced his life, from Bach’s Chaconne to Alban Berg’s Violin Concerto, dedicated to the premature dead of Alma Mahler’s daughter, from where it also takes a reference in the title.

Zimmermann believes the solo to be the way by which one may access an instrument’s “almost inexhaustible power” and chooses the viola “as the voice capable of expressing the darkest pain”

The Su Song Star Map by Liza Lim (première of the version for viola) was inspired by Su Song’s Star Map, a map of the planet’s sky created by Su Song (1020-1101), a Chinese scientist and mechanical engineer from the Song Dynasty (960-1279). It was published for the first time in 1092 in Su’s book known as the Xin Yi Xiang Fa Yao. This star map contains 14 xiu (lunar mansions) in the Mercator projection. The equator is represented by a straight horizontal line crossing the star map, with the ellipsoid curving over it.

Su Song’s star maps had time circles between the xiu (mansions of the moon) that make up the astronomical meridians, with stars marked in a cylindrical quasi-orthomorphic projection on each side of the equator, and thus in concordance with their polar distances. It was not until the work by Gerard Mercator in 1569 that a sky map was created with a similar projection in the Western world. This version for viola was created by the composer for Alfonso Noriega. 


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