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Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Alicante

Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Alicante

May 16, 2021

José Vicente Díaz Alcaina, director

Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Alicante


Del aire y del tiempo (2015) Alfonso Lorenzo (1989)
Juegos en blanco (2017) Pablo Olivas (1989)  18’
1920 (2020) Mario Roig (1972) 8’
Reflejos (2021) Luís Suria Lorenzo (1979) 10’


Del aire y el tiempo (Of the air and time) by Alfonso Lorenzo Gutiérrez is a translation for symphonic band of the work of the same name for piano found in the collection Relatos breves (Brief tales), a prize-winner at the Granada Conservatory’s 4th Composition Competition. It was taken to the stage in its entire version by the Almoradí Symphonic Band and the Symphonic Band of the Joseph Haydn Konservatorium of Eisenstadt (Austria).

Pablo Olivas’ Juegos en blanco (Games in white) is a suite for symphonic band in four movements: I. Overture; II. Intermezzo; III Tentative Andante; and IV. Finale Furioso. Each part of the suite is independent, but all of them answer to the same composition idea that groups them together and lends them coherence.

1920 by Mario Roig is a twelve-tone piece in a single movement. It has four seasons [U1] and a coda and was created based on the poet Josep Zaragoza Pérez’s date of birth (24-10-1920). 

Inspired by impressionism, Reflejos (Reflections) by Luis Suria has two contrasting movements that symbolize a calmness of spirit altered by events, such as an image reflected in a lake that is disturbed by currents or a breeze, but which always returns to its state of equilibrium. The second movement is much more energetic, using the first one’s thematic materials reflected but deformed. The work is like a mirror where the use of timbre takes on special importance, using advanced instrumental techniques and a tempo with metric modulations that basically govern the agogic transformations based on rhythmic figurations and thematic ones, de-structuring the appearing and disappearing themes interrupting each other like a collage or a disordered puzzle. 


05/16/2021  12:00hADDA Auditorio de AlicanteConcerts '21

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