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from May 15 to July 03, 2021

El so revelat

Escuela de Oficios Electrosonoros

Object sounding workshops based on the work of Mona Hatoum Activity for all audiences in collaboration with IVAM Previous registration

El so revelat (Revealed sound) came about through collaboration with the IVAM museum on the exhibition it will be holding from May to September on the Lebanese artist Mona Hatoum. The crux of the proposal focuses on one of the aspects of her work: the violence contained in everyday objects. Some of that violence can be captured explicitly, for example in knives and cheese graters, but it can also be distilled implicitly when the memory of somebody we once loved changes its significance if the relationship with that person ends. Objects then become recipients for memory and refuges, but also the opposite. Thus, this block explores the idea of paradise, always on the verge of becoming the opposite.

Alongside the artist’s work, a series of workshops is proposed on the creation of sound-making devices and objects given by the group Escuela de Oficios Electrosonoros (School of Electrosound Professions). By doing so, the intention is to use sound as a tool to show a flip side that is not often seen in reality, as well as to change the habitual forms of perception and use of objects. The aim, in other words, is to create devices that enable the private/public duality to be re-articulated.




05/15/2021  12:00hInstitut Valencià d'art modern (IVAM)Concerts '21
SESSION I. The object speaks for me.
05/29/2021  12:00hInstitut Valencià d'art modern (IVAM)Concerts '21
SESSION II. Looks like you weren't there.
06/12/2021  12:00hInstitut Valencià d'art modern (IVAM)Concerts '21
SESSION III. Sound construction.
06/26/2021  12:00hInstitut Valencià d'art modern (IVAM)Concerts '21
SESSION IV. Amplify, please.
07/03/2021  19:00hInstitut Valencià d'art modern (IVAM)Concerts '21
FINAL PERFORMANCE. Sound revealed.

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