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Paco Varoch and Adrián García

Paco Varoch and Adrián García

May 15, 2021

Paco Varoch, piccolo

Paco Varoch, piccolo i Adrián García, percussió

Paco Varoch, piccolo
Adrián García, percussion
Manuela Illera and Valentina Jiménez, videocreation

Seis propuestas para el próximo milenio (2020) Manuel Añón (1969) 11’



ZoomingTXYZ (2021) Martina Sabariego (1998) 8’ (encàrrec de l’IVC)

Visible per ottavino solo (2005) Aureliano Cattaneo (1974) 6’ 

Dolce Tormento (2004) Kaija Saariaho (1952) 7´

Frágil (2021) Alvaro de la Cruz(1995) 8’ (encàrrec de l’IVC)

Drawing down the moon (1991) Donald Erb (1927-2008) 15’

Drawing down the moon  

Pointing the Bone  


The demon drummer

Siempre dolce, espressivo and liberamente are the three musical instructions that could guide us through from the first to the last beat in today’s programme. From the Valencian composer and musicologist Manuel Añón Escribá, today we are presenting a revised version for piccolo, audio backing and a video screening by the artist Marina Uceda Farré, Seis propuestas para el próximo milenio, which premièred last year at the Contemporary Festival in Alicante. The work Zooming TXYZ by Martina Sabariego is a dialogue between the stage and the auditorium that shows us the relationship between vulnerability and strength. Through the processes of zooming in and zooming out, we are taken on a tour that shows us the different sides of that infinite relationship in which neither is possible without the other. We shall also hear two of the most significant works in the contemporary repertoire for solo piccolo: Visible by the Italian Aureliano Cattaneo and Dolce Tormento, which gives the concert its title, in which the Finnish composer Kaija Anneli Saariaho uses Poem 132 from the Cancionero by Francesco Petrarca (1304-1374), with the score calling for a recital between the whisper of the piccolo and the sotto voce of the vocals.

Frágil, by Álvaro de la Cruz, was inspired by a quote from Miguel de Unamuno. It is put forward as a reflection on the form of musical rehearsal as regards the lability of individual identity in the contemporary world. The constant exposure, the avoidance of solitude and the lack of intimacy impose the need to create a public image as apparently clear as it is unreal; we conceal anything that could stain that false purity, that unfathomable façade we build to protect our ego, and that flight from ourselves that hinders us from knowing ourselves, recognising ourselves, becoming vulnerable…so fragile that we could break.

To conclude the concert, we will hear the work Drawing Down the Moon by the North American Donald Erb. The title of the piece and the first movement refers to the rites in Ancient Greece in which the women would cast spells. Pointing the Bone, the second movement, refers to an esoteric practice among Aboriginal Australians. The third, Lilith, deals with the female figure of Adam’s wife in rabbinic legend. When she is replaced by Eve, she becomes a malevolent spirit (in order for mothers to protect their children from the spirit of Lilith, they would sing songs to the spirit, which is how lullabies came about). The final movement, Demon Drummer, comes from a tale from the 17th century written by an imprisoned percussionist, in which the drum is heard magically in other places. The work is accompanied by a video by the audiovisual artists Manuela Illera and Valentina Jiménez. 



05/15/2021  19:30hMartín i Soler Theatre of Palau de Les ArtsConcerts '21

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