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Solo Voices - Susanna Drescher

Solo Voices - Susanna Drescher

May 05, 2019

Solo Voices - Sotto Voce

Solo Voices

Solo Voices offers us a program with five works for vocal and electronic quartet, with very contrasting aesthetics.
Svea Schildknecht, Sopran
Francisca Näf, Mezzo Sopran
Jean-J. Knutti, Tenor
Jean-Christophe Groffe, Bass
Marc Garcia Vitoria, control and diffused sound.
In Nuits, Adieux (1991), Kaija Saariaho speaks of song, breath, night and farewell. The author uses two different sources, related to the two parts of the work. On the one hand, there are excerpts from Echanges de la lumière by Jacques Roubaud (in Nuits); on the other hand, a part of the novel Séraphîta de Balzac (in Adieux). The refined aesthetic and full of resonances and reverberations of the finnish composer is enormously captivating and predisposes us to attentive listening.

Native Foreigners (2.017) is a long-term project between the Valencian author Marc Garcia Vitoria and SoloVoices. Born as a reflection on a modern concept of the madrigal (a renaissance format widely spread across Europe that, in some way, erase musical boundaries), the authors of the chosen texts are of very diverse origins, but all have an element in common: a certain conflict of cultural identity, mother tongue, affiliation ... They are Ibn Khafadja, Daniel Varoujan, Mahmoud Darwish, Ingrid Jonker, Milan Milisic, Velibor Colic and Abraham Sutzkever. The madrigalisms, rhetorical figures that reproduce (or reinforce, question ...) symbolically the text with music, permeate this musical journey.

The way of truth (1978) uses the homonymous poem by Parmenides, a pre-Socratic philosopher. There is talk of the use of reason, without the help of the senses, to deduce what can be defined as "being", and ends up denying any validity to what we perceive through the senses. The work, inscribed in an aesthetic close to the New Age, is one of those released by the mythical group Electric Phoenix.

Air Parasite (2017) by Karin Wetzel goes through several works by Franz Kafka where, as happens in the current telecommunication media, a series of beeps, hums and other noises produce alterations. The interrelationships between the story building and the outside world are reflected in the singing and in the live electronics with a sound world of extreme subtlety, full of noise and "parasites".

In Sottovoce (1995), López-López creates a sound texture based on figures, gestures, words and phonemes from the text De Silentio by Pedro Alfonso (12th century). Thanks to a sound search made in IRCAM, the sounds of the voices are transformed, stretched and mutated to become electronic sounds imperceptibly, creating an immense panorama between the subtle sound and the expressive power of the voice and electronics in a space that surrounds the public.


Kaija Saariaho (1952) - Nuits, Adieux (1991) (10’)

Marc García Vitoria (1985) - Native Foreigners (2017) (25’)

David Bedford (1937-2011) - The Way of Truth (1977-78) (19’19’’)

Karin Wetzel (1981) - Air parasite (2017) (12’)

Manuel Lopez Lopez (1956) - Sottovoce (1995) (14’)


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