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Lumina Ensemble

Lumina Ensemble

Lumina Ensemble

Lumina Ensemble
LUMINA Ensemble is the project of four saxophonists passionate about their instrument and today’s music. Its members belong to two respectful and committed generations that have joined forces to achieve high-level musical performances. This age difference leads to an understanding of music and art in a different way, achieving an approach to the repertoire packed with the energy of one who discovers an infinite universe of sound in each note. 
Lumina refers to the light that continuously permeates our land and shapes us as human beings: clear, transparent and unambiguous. It is light as a means of joining people to converge in a common project like this, as well as a metaphor for our way of understanding musical performance in its infinite forms, with clear, determined proposals using contemporary music.
The ensemble’s main aim is to disseminate the repertoire composed as of 1950. To achieve this goal, it is therefore essential to collaborate with composers and première works written or transcribed for this group. By doing so, Lumina Ensemble intends to offer people curious about modern art the possibility of listening to a programme based on a meticulously performed artistic idea. Only in this way, through listening, will the general public be able to follow the musical idea that generated the concert programme. 
The choice of the term ensemble, derived from French and meaning a group, is not arbitrary, but stems from the idea of allowing the utmost malleability and adaptation of the group to the requirements of each proposal’s repertoire. In its programmes, the ensemble provides works mainly for saxophone quartets, but it is open to other combinations, be it among the saxophones themselves or with other acoustic, electronic or computerised instruments. 
While it is true that Lumina is a recently created group, its members have significant artistic and professional backgrounds thanks to their infinite curiosity for performance work that has led them to play in numerous auditoriums, festivals and concert series both in Spain and other countries. Among these, it is worth mentioning the MNCARS Reina Sofía Auditorium, the National Auditorium of Spain, the Palau de la Música of Valencia, the Palau of Catalan Music, the Monumental Theatre of Madrid, the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Auditorium of the Diputación or Province of Alicante (ADDA), Teatre Principal de Maó (Menorca), Festival Sons XXI, Synergein Project, ENSEMS, Mallorca Saxophone Festival, Croatian National Theatre, the Spanish Hall in Prague Castle, Palais des Invalides in Paris, Garibaldi Theatre in Gallipoli (Italy), 2nd European Saxophone Congress in Porto (Portugal), the World Saxophone Congresses in Valencia and Zagreb, and the Contemporary Music Festival in Alicante. 
Lumina Ensemble exclusively uses Selmer instruments and Vandoren mouthpieces and reeds.


Lumina Ensemble

September 19, 2022 · Aula Magistral del Palau de Les Arts

Lumina Ensemble


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