CrossingLines Ensemble

Saturday 17 September 2022
Palau de Les Arts. Aula Magistral
Free admission with invitation until full capacity

No. 10, Récitation, partie gauche, 1ère version (1978) Georges Aperghis (1945) 50’’

L4DD_1 (Comissioned by Institut Valencià de Cultura, 2022) Pablo Carrascosa Llopis (1979)

No. 13, Récitation (1978) Georges Aperghis (1945) 2’40’’

I.X. (2022-2002) Georges Aperghis (1945) 3’

No. 10, Récitation, partie gauche, 2ème version (1978) Georges Aperghis (1945) 50’’

No. 8, Récitation, partie centrale, version verticale (1978) Georges Aperghis (1945) 1’13’’

Fuzzy Trio (2006). Georges Aperghis (1945) 11’30’’

No. 1, Récitation (1978) Georges Aperghis (1945) 4’25’’

No. 8, Récitation, partie droite, version verticale (1978) Georges Aperghis (1945) 2’20’’

Requiem furtif (1998) Georges Aperghis (1945) 6’

No. 11, Récitation (1978) Georges Aperghis (1945) 4’30’’

N.9, Récitation (1978) Georges Aperghis (1945) 4’
Graffitis (1981) Georges Aperghis (1945) 14’

N.8, Récitation, partie gauche version verticale (1978) Georges Aperghis (1945) 49’’

L4DD_2 (Comissioned by Institut Valencià de Cultura, 2022) Pablo Carrascosa Llopis (1979) 10’

No. 10, Récitation, partie gauche, 3ème version (1978) Georges Aperghis (1945) 1’05’’

CrossingLines is putting forward a programme based on the Greek composer Georges Aperghis, using some of his famous recitations for solo vocals as the main cohesive feature. Although much of the composer’s music has a theatrical (occasionally comic) side, the pieces in this concert have been chosen for the way they deal with rhythm sequencing.

The piece L4DD by the Barcelona-based Valencian composer Pablo Carrascosa Llopis is introduced into this practically monographic programme. It is a piece of mixed music for voice, clarinet, percussion, piano and modular synthesizers that continues some of the composer’s previous work in the rhythmic sphere. The piece is divided into two parts, separated in time between the pieces by Aperghis, borrowing some elements from said compositions and thus adding a greater bond to the proposal’s framework of sound.


The group regularly collaborates with the Sampler Sèries new music calendar at the Auditori in Barcelona and has performed at some of the main contemporary music festivals (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Eclat Festival Stuttgart, Sounds of Stockholm, Aahrus, Festival Mixtur, MEMMIX, CNDM Madrid, Mostra Sonora in Sueca, CentroCentro’s Vang calendar, and more. They have presented more than 40 world premières on such stages. The group has also recorded for the Neu Records and Col Legno labels and has collaborated with renowned groups such as Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Ensemble Recherche and Ensemble Modern. Their particular array of instruments, artistic approach and painstaking preparation for the programmes all make the ensemble an example to follow for a new generation of creators. Also committed to spreading new music, CrossingLines carries out educational activities related to its programmes to familiarise all types of audiences with their proposals.

The ensemble has been able to count on support and institutional recognition from the Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC) and was the first contemporary music group to receive aid from the “line of subsidies for priority orchestras’ activities” which is the most significant aid given by Catalan institutions for musical education. Moreover, it has been backed by the Youth Institute (INJUVE) and the prestigious Ernst von Siemens Foundation. Over the last few seasons, CrossingLines has been a resident group at the Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats in Barcelona, and currently collaborates in the form of a residency with the Fundació Phonos, a pioneering Catalan institution in the sphere of electroacoustic music and one of the oldest in the world in the matter.

Artistic sheet

Víctor de la Rosa Lorente, clarinet

Miquel Vich Vila, percussion

Lluïsa Espigolé, piano

David Andreu, violin

Chrisie Finn, soprano

Pablo Carrascosa Llopis, synthesizers & artístic direction

IVC Order
World premiere
Young public
Les Arts