Luis Azcona

Saturday 17 September 2022
Free admission with invitation until full capacity

unhörbar. unspielbar. nichts (Comissioned by Institut Valencià de Cultura, 2022) Helena Cánovas (1994) 10’

Mani.Mono (2007) Pierluigi Billone (1960) 22’

(Neo)liberal sytems #4: Entertainment (2021) Alberto Bernal (1978) 8’

The pieces will feature video creations by the author himself.

The concert and programme presented at Ensems 2022 involves the presentation of the final version of this project called /EMPTY/HANDS, which began in the strict lockdown of 2020 with the work Mani.Mono by Pierluigi Billone, and which sparked the performer’s interest in the physical nature in the manipulation of sound and the poetic-choreographic play of hands The commissions for pieces by Alberto Bernal and Helena Cánovas throughout 2021 today take shape and meaning thanks to the support of the Ensems festival in commissioning the first piece of the programme. It is a chameleonic programme that adapts to the circumstances of each of the spaces where it is scheduled thanks to the use of original video creations that serve as audiovisual installations between the works, showing the concert’s conceptual unity.


Luis Azcona is a percussionist and contemporary creator from Zaragoza currently residing in Berne, Switzerland. He specialises in sound arts and chamber music, though his career as a soloist has accumulated awards, acknowledgements from numerous foundations (Lyra, Hirschmann) as well as concerts, talks and master classes. A student of Brian Archinal at HKB, Luis bases his work on an exploration of poetry, sociology and politics. His aesthetic universe is to be found somewhere between noise, post-percussion, a historical focus on contemporary music and an experimental vision of the artistic experience. He has worked closely with composers such as Alberto Bernal, Wojtek Blecharz, Yiran Zhao, Michael Maierhof, Yesid Fonseca and Arturo Corrales, detailing their pieces and making studio recordings of several of them. He has also premièred works by Voro García, Marina Picaporte, Ch. Spitzenstaetter, Wataru Mukai, Gemma Ragués and David Julián Carrillo. In 2021, he premiered works by A. Bernal, Helena Cánovas, Luciana Peyceré, Eduardo Valiente, Luciano Azzigotti and more. In 2021 he was admitted to the Ensemble Modern (IEMA) and Ensemble Intercontemporain (Ulysses Ensemble) academies, and played from June to September at festivals such as Mixtur 2021, Manifeste Paris, Royaumont, the Ensems Festival, etc. He has played under the baton of composers such as Peter Rundel, Nacho de Paz, Peter Eötvos and Fabián Panicello, and has collaborated with ensembles like Schallfeld Ensemble, Synergein Project, Nuevo Contemporáneo, NEKO3, Schokwave Ensemble and the Academia para la Nueva Música. He is also part of the newly created group Cuarto de Tono.

Artistic sheet

Luis Azcona, percussion

IVC Order
World premiere
Young public