‘Aventures et nouvelles aventures’ Centenario Ligeti

Ensemble Maja

Tuesday 19 September 2023
Palau de les Arts - Aula Magistral

Anne-Laure Hulin, soprano
Romie Estèves, mezzo-soprano
Igor Bouin, barítono
Julie Brunet-Jailly, flauta
Joséphine Besançon, clarinete
Grégoire Laugraud, clavicémbalo
Rémi Demangeon, contrabajo
Clotilde Lacroix, violonchelo
Aya Kono, violín
Valentin Dubois, percusión
Colin Peigné, horn player
Bianca Chillemi, piano y dirección


‘Hyperréalité’ (2023) Januibe Tejera (1979) 20’
‘Least Bee’ (2003) Stefano Gervasoni (1962) 20’
‘Aventures et Nouvelles aventures’ (1962)
Gyorgy Ligeti (1923-2006) 30’


On the occasion of the centenary of Gyorgy Ligeti’s birth, the Maja Ensemble is offering a programme that celebrates musical theatre related to two formidable works of the 20th century, ‘Aventures and Nouvelles aventures’ (1962) for three vocals and a small ensemble.

The three singers and seven instrumentalists from these fourteen absurd paintings imagined by Ligeti are all on the stage. The composer renounces the use of language: instead of text, the singers use onomatopoeia, sighs, laughter, cackles… Our approach for this piece of musical theatre where nothing is left to chance is to abolish any hierarchy between singers and instrumentalists. “Here, they are all actors in the story.” In 1962, Ligeti gifted us
an unprecedented work in the history of music: all of the language is invented and made up of onomatopoeia, thus plunging musicians and spectators of all ages into a great intoxication shared on both sides of the stage. To echo this masterpiece, the Maja Ensemble proposed that the composer Januibe Tejera create a new work, ‘Hyperréalité’, using more or less Ligeti’s orchestration, presented here in its world premiere. The concert is rounded off by ‘Least Bee’, by the Italian composer Stefano Gervasoni, a true gem of music from the early 21st century in which the theatre of absurdity and tragedy
reigns with great humour.

*With the support of Institut Français

World premiere
Estrena a l’Estat Espanyol