Fabrik Quartet

Saturday 16 September 2023
Palau de les Arts - Aula Magistral

A failed entertainment” (2013) Clara Iannotta (1983) 17’
Sincronie” (1964) Luciano Berio (1925-2003) 18’
Més enllà de la quarta dimensió” (2023) Jose Luis Escrivà Córdoba (1984) 15’
Un concertino di angeli contro le pareti del miocranio” (2020) Hèctor Parra (1967) 18’


In this concert, we propose listening to four quartets that share aspects we consider relevant in today’s society and the world we live in: the concept of dualism, our perception of space-time and the constant tension to break away from predefined ways of representing reality.

In Clara Iannotta’s quartet, the basis was the book ‘Infinite Jest’ by David Foster Wallace. “I’m used to working with different types of sounds, blending them together to find a unique form. What challenged me with this piece was the fact that I couldn’t work as always, because I had four instruments with the same sound characteristics.”

In ‘Sincronie’, the perception of the linearity and coherence of time is always palpable. There is a constant tension in the quartet between moments of absolute synchronic strictness and others of apparent freedom, which are nevertheless arranged into a precise number of seconds.

In ‘Mes enllà de la cuarta dimensió’ (Beyond the fourth dimension), J.L. Escrivà frees himself from the “trap” of the fourth dimension. The linearity of time and its distinction between past, present and future no longer exist, giving way to a new concept of time, a spatio-temporal whole.

Inspired by Pasolini’s ‘Episode IV’ of ‘Orgia’ and by some surprising compositional discoveries by the composer Robert Gerhard, this quartet by Hèctor Parra explores the contrasts between homophony and polyphony, flatness and roughness, modernity and archaism.

*With the support of the Ernst Siemens Foundation.

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