Grup Mixtour

Tuesday 20 September 2022
Palau de les Arts. Teatre Martín i Soler
Free entry with invitation until capacity is full
Comunitat Valenciana

Dufay Arrangements (2003/04) Isabel Mundry (1963)
I/1 Pour ce que veoir je ne puis. 3’33
I/2 Se la face ay pale. 3’35
I/3 Helas mon dueil, a se cop sui mort. 5’15

Star-isles (Obra encàrrec de l’Institut Valencià de Cultura, 2022) Carlos Fontcuberta (1977) 12´

Drawing for 8 players (2004) Toshio Hosokawa (1955) 15’

In extremis (1998) Georges Aperghis (1945) 15’

Dufay Arrangements (2003/04) Isabel Mundry (1963)
II/4 Mon bien m’amour. 4’54
II/5 Ce jour de l’an voudray joye mener. 3’10
II/6 Or pleust a dieu qu’a son plaisir 5’20
III/7 Entre les plus plaine danoy 5’15

An introspective, personal vision of the cycle of life and human existence, the result of these recent years of global pandemic; intense years that have invited us to reflect on life, society and the world. We live in continuous movement, but when everything stops, the pillars of our existence survive: routines and love. The order and appearance change, but the essence remains. What is the cycle of life but a mere repetition of events that ensure the continuity of our species?

Cycles is based on Mundry’s arrangements of Dufay as the common thread through the project. They are love songs by Dufay that present, unite and bid farewell to the compositions of Fontcuberta, Arpeghis and Hosokawa. Love, an intermittent constant in our existence, which is more necessary than ever to overcome the present.

The composer Isabel Mundry takes Dufay’s motets and places them in a context of sound where their antiquity is refracted through a more modern sensitiveness. She accomplishes this largely through instrumentation and by creating an eerie listening environment in which Dufay’s pieces are played and take on a new and illuminating emotional resonance. Thus, Dufay arrangements cannot be regarded simply as arrangements of the original music by the 15th century Franco-Flemish composer Guillaume Dufay.

In Extremis by Georges Aperghis was premièred in 1999 by the Ensemble Ars Nova and the conductor Philippe Nahon. It follows the uniqueness typical of this composer, which lies in the use of a non-linear logic, that is, in applying a compositional model in which the organisation of the elements does not follow lines of hierarchical subordination, but rather any element can affect or influence any other, both in the conception and in the evolution and transformation of other elements of the structure, regardless of their reciprocal positions.

Toshio Hosokawa comments on his piece Drawing: “I dreamed that I was still in my mother’s womb. At first I was in complete peace; in union with the maternal body. Then, the beating of her heart began to resonate harshly and I felt the pressure of a process beginning: birth. Being born: it’s a difficult thing, which can lead you either to life or death! In this very realistic dream, I felt a multitude of primal feelings: anguish, pressure, fear, desire, and finally the joy of being born. I wanted to express them musically, drawing the main lines.” Piece premiered by Ensemble Recherche in 2004.


“‘Contemporary music’ with an open and eclectic programme. I would add another adjective: surprising.” – Josep Lluís Galiana, Levante, 13 July, 2011

This is a group founded in 2011 by five musicians with an outstanding career in musical creation following one main premise: that artistic excellence and direct contact with the audience in the broadest sense do not have to take up two opposing stances.

“Passionate about the music of our time, we want to establish a dialogue with the public when addressing so-called ‘contemporary music’, working on an open, eclectic type of programme.
We put forward a way of experiencing the classical concert through two lines of activity. Firstly, by carrying out careful staging with the aim of breaking down the barrier between contemporary creation and the audience. And secondly, by revitalising the dynamics of the concert with a programme open to a combination of different musical aesthetics.

We propose an alternative approach to the classical concert. Indeed, we believe that classical music should be for all audiences and more specifically, contemporary music. We don’t make music for a specialist audience; rather, we want it to be attractive to everyone. We present our concerts in such a way that the public discovers a new face of contemporary music and enjoys it.
Contemporary music certainly has a privileged place in our programmes. It is the music of today, but it should be for everyone, and we want to make sure that it is attractive to everyone, becoming another show that is appealing and interesting for the audience.”

Alternative Approach
Multidisciplinary projects
Wider audience
Making contemporary music attractive
Stage-musical shows

“To date, we have carried out the multidisciplinary projects Liszt Tour Anniversary, Toys & Tierkreis, Dance!, La voz de la Ballena (The Voice of the Whale), Cámara Sinfónica (Symphonic Chamber) and In Vain, which have been warmly received at festivals and venues such as Teatros del Canal de Madrid, the ENSEMS Festival, the Valencia Polytechnic University and the Museu de la Beneficència with great success among the public and critics. We have performed pieces by Adrián Borredá, Francisco Coll, Heera Kim, Carlo Ciceri, John Adams and George Crumb.”

Grup Mixtour is made up of musicians who belong to the main Spanish orchestras such as the National Orchestra of Spain, the Valencia Orchestra, the Valencian Community Region Orchestra, the Madrid Community Region Orchestra and others. The group is conducted by Pablo Rus Broseta. .

Artistic sheet

Pablo Rus Broseta, musical director

Eduardo Raimundo Beltrán, solo clarinet

Gemma Goday, flute

Daniel Fuster, oboe

Sergio Rodrigo, clarinet

Santiago Pla, horn

Jose Vicente Climent, tuba

Paula Vicente, harp

Juan Jose Llopico, percussion

Victor Trescoli, piano

Mario Perez, violin

David Fons, viola

Josep Trescolí, cello

Laura Asensio, double bass

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