"The fabrication of light"

Grupo Enigma

Monday 18 September 2023
Palau de les Arts - Teatre Martín i Soler

Fernando Gómez, flauta
Javier Belda, oboè
Emilio Ferrando, clarinet
Carlos Tarancón, fagot
Abdó Sancho Moya, trompa
Francisco José Sanz, trompeta
Iker Sanz González, trombó
Josep Gómez Donet, tuba
César Peris, percussió 1
Luis Azcona, percussió 2
Juan Carlos Segura, sintetitzador
Takahiro Mita, piano
Víctor Parra, violí
Chus Castro, violí
Carlos Seco, viola
Zsolt G. Tottzer, violoncel
Esteve Colomes, contrabaix
Asier Puga, director


‘Ombra’ (1977) Llorenç Barber (1948) 7’
‘The fabrication of light’ (2020) Chaya Czernowin
(1957) 60’


“Czernowin composes the negative beauty of disaster; it is the musical equivalent of Picasso’s Guernica,” says The New Yorker critic Alex Ross.

The American-Israeli composer Chaya Czernowin (1957) is one of the most interesting creators on the international scene today. Her music has been performed by the Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Ensemble Musikfabrik, the Munich Philharmonic and the Ensemble Recherche, to name a few. Described by the composer herself as a “ceremony of construction”, ‘The fabrication of light’ is an hour-long work for a large ensemble.

“When I wrote it, it was a challenging experience; it kept growing and I couldn’t control its evolution. When I listened to it for the first time, it was quite a discovery. I understood why I couldn’t make it shorter. It’s not one piece; it is a process of creation that happens while one listens, before our very ears,”
the composer herself explains.

‘The fabrication of light’ becomes a kind of living organism, almost machine-like, seeking to manufacture or fabricate something. Light? Or rather, the laborious process of making it happen. And that process turns the work into a great meditation; into a great process of alchemy involving light and its opposite, darkness, and which forever leads us inexorably to the same beginning (or end): the search itself.

World premiere
Les Arts
Estrena a l’Estat Espanyol