Sunday 17 September 2023

Ana Mora and Amanda Gutiérrez, Sono(soro)ridades collective

Stuart Jackson: percussion, guest musician

Rafael Tormo: cultural link


This event begins with a guided tour of the open studio at IVAM of the artistic residency of the Sono-(soro)ridades collective as part of the ENSEMS festival. The IVAM will be the starting point for the beginning of the Augmented Reality sound walk. The walk will culminate with a sound performance in the IVAM patio open to the general public.

This project is based on the acoustic ecology of traditional public laundries as places for meeting and socialisation for women and children that fostered a network of aural relationships, where communication, care and raising children all combined spatially and bodily. Its content is fed by
interviews and in-situ sound recordings of the vestiges of traditional public laundries in Valencia, in order to recover and amplify listening through the oral histories of those who inhabited these spaces and whose memories linger to this day.

The project links doing laundry (‘fer safareig’) with water as a resonant medium of this land through a feminist listening by focusing on these communities’ aural connections through narratives in situ. Within the Ensems festival, the Sono-(soro)ridades collective is taking part in an artistic residency, focusing on aural experiences that include reflections on in situ corporalities, gender, migration, decolonisation and more. Their participation involves a sample of the process with the documentation from their research and artistic creation. The live work will take place after a soundwalk by means of an acoustic and performance show in real time.


Send email to Capacity limited to 20 people.

Free concert until full capacity.

Aimed at the general public from 12 years old.