Frauke Aulbert. Voice lab dance edition

Tuesday 20 September 2022
Palau de Les Arts. Aula Magistral
Free admission with invitation until full capacity

Voice lab dance edition

Insect (1989) Meredith Monk (1942) 4’

Voice Lab (2019-2020) Frauke Aulbert 8’

Wespe (2005) Enno Poppe (1969) 8’

Humans and other insects (2021) Frauke Aulbert 8’

Modern whale singing (2021) Frauke Aulbert 1’

Nr. 11 de las Récitations pour voix seule (1977-78) Georges Aperghis (1945) 5’

What it takes to be a hula dancer (2021) Frauke Aulbert 2’

The balllad of the coronatrice (2021) Frauke Aulbert 10’

G.L.O.R.I (2005) Jennifer Walshe (1974) 5’

My pole dancing avatar (2021) Frauke Aulbert 1’30’’

‘Freakin’ Reggae. Homenaje a Nina Hagen (2021) Frauke Aulbert 5’

Working on the voice is primarily work on and with the body: specific sounds are produced through special movement sequences. However, the act of singing does not stop there: in addition to the production of sound, there is always a moment of embodiment, a performative gesture, a touch of figuration part of what is happening. Perhaps that is why the act of singing often generates a theatrical quality, especially in artificial art singing. This often unused “by-product” of singing constantly accompanies the work of singers and at the same time harbors performative potential.

Voice Lab Dance Edition processes this technical approach with THE cultural extreme of our time, which also strongly influences our physicality: the Internet – it follows us every day. And as a contrast to this: the reality. The reality is a thing that has become almost spiritual for us – and we long for it. The Internet is our gateway to the outside world, to pseudo-reality. It is as concrete for many of us today as dealing with religion used to be for people in the past. In both cases, outward appearances can be deceptive and tipping over, and hence also in this evening a lot of things unexpectedly can change: the atmosphere, the problems, the aesthetic conversion from professional to DIY, the virtuosity, the costumes and of course: the music. Three short video pieces complement the virtuoso setlist between experimental music and performance. An evening by and with “Hamburg’s avant-garde queen” voice artist and performer Frauke Aulbert and two homages: to Meredith Monk and Nina Hagen.


Frauke Aulbert is a soprano, voice artist and performance artist. Her work reaches from the virtuosic interpretation of musical and physical compositions, her international voice-collecting-research up to the creation of musical-theatrical situations and close encounters with her audience. She performs worldwide from big stages to the small off-stage, and has received numerous artists-residency awards and prizes.

“Hamburg’s queen of avantgarde” (Hamburger Abendblatt Jan. 2010) Frauke Aulbert is one of the most active and multi-talented vocalists in the field of contemporary music today. Her almost infinite, impressive vocal sound palette enfolds a nearly four octave range next to classical singing (diploma), over- and undertone-singing, multiphonics, techniques from Bulgarian folclore, Korean gugak, gamelan, jazz, dhrupad, beatboxing a.s.o.

Aulbert was awarded various prizes and grants, the first prize by the Stockhausen-foundation, as well as artist residencies in Rome (Goethe Institut), Paris (Cité Internationale des Arts) and Stuttgart (Akademie Schloss Solitude) in 2016-18, and Goethe Institute/Villa Kamogawa Kyoto 2020.

Concerts led her to festivals all over the world: Witten Days for New Chamber Music, Casa Giacinto Scelsi Rome, Radio France/Festival Présence, ZKM, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Onassis Centre Athens, Internationale Darmstädter Ferienkurse, Warsaw Autumn, LIG Art Hall Seoul, Resonant Bodies New York, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Ear Taxi Chicago, Klang Copenhaguen, What’s next Brussels, Berghain Berlin and many more, to Brasil, the USA, Australia, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Tunisia, Georgia and South-Korea.

Aulbert has collaborated with composers such as Chaya Czernowin, Vinko Globokar, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, Iris ter Shiphorst, Arturo Fuentes, Johannes Kreidler, Simon Stockhausen, Brigitta Muntendorf, Heera Kim, Michael Maierhof, Geoffroy Drouin and Alexander Schubert. She has been recoding for film (‘The Future’, Miranda July), CD (Decoder Ensemble, Magic Malik etc.) and radio (Deutschlandradio, RAI, Radio France etc.). She performed with stage directors such as Claus Guth and Thierry Brühl and ensembles such as L’art pour l’art, HANATSUmiroir, DissonArt Ensemble, Ensemble MAM – Manufaktur aktuelle Musik, Ensemble S201 and directors like Christof Löser, Johannes Kalitzke and Peter Rundel etc.
Frauke Aulbert is founding member and artistic (co)director of the groups Collect/Project (Hamburg-Chicago), Decoder Ensemble (Hamburg) and Forum Neue Vokalmusik (Hannover). She studied in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, and in Kiel and Hamburg, Germany.

Since 2020 has curated the Festival für Immaterielle Kunst (FIK) at Elbphilharmonie and Kamnpagel in Hamburg, Germany, which fusions experimental music and performance art.

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Frauke Aulbert, a soprano, voice artist & performance artist

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