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Saturday 17 September 2022
Pl. de Viriat
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X-intersection (2022) Esther Pérez Soriano (1990) 20’

Pleiades (1979) Iannis Xenakis (1922 – 2001) 45


Music for a percussion sextet arranged especially by X, with a video screening of the documentary Orient-Occident by Enrico Fulchignoni, Pierre Henry and Iannis Xenakis.

The genesis is to be found at the crossroads and proposes to broaden the limits of the documentary to bring it into the present, connecting it with today’s audience. It is a work within its own right that dialogues with the documentary based on work with timbre, text and space.


One of the most beautiful pieces written by Iannis Xenakis and dedicated to Les Percussions of Strasbourg. It is split into four parts: Mélanges (percussion instruments), Claviers (sheets), Peaux (membranophones) and Métaux (Sixxens). The latter, recently created, owe their name to the Six and Xen (Xenakis). There are 6 microtonally tuned metallophones, and Xenakis gives some basic open guidelines. Each of the performers has to create their instrument and their sound. The richness of timbre, freedom and coherence make it a unique rhythmic adventure.



Created in 1994, this ensemble’s education covers all areas: classical, ethnic and contemporary. It carries out a wide array of activities ranging from performance to education, as well as research and dissemination of everything related to percussion instruments.

Neopercussion’s ideas are always attractive and adapted to the approach in each stage. They have been presented at all kinds of events, from classical music festivals such as the Santander Festival, Granada Festival, the Soria Autumn Musical Festival, Galicia Festival and the International Music Week of Segovia, to contemporary music events such as the Alicante Festival, Cdmc, Aujour d’hui Musiques in Perpignan (France), the Donostiara Musical Fortnight, the Juan March Foundation, Juntos, BBK festival and the Bernaola festival. They are also involved in scenic arts events such as Madrid en Danza–Espacios Insólitos, Caja Forum (Madrid-Barcelona), Aula de Nuevas Músicas class (València), Ritmo Vital Festival, Artium, Atapercu and the Reina Sofía Museum, always doing so successfully and well-received by the audiences. All of this has made Neopercussion an international exemplary in today’s Spanish percussion.

Neopercusion collaborates with creators from different performing arts, commissioning and premièring newly-created musical pieces and putting together programmes with compositions by internationally recognised creators such as Festival Boulez, Ligeti, Berio, Cartero, Cage, Aperghis, Stockhausen, Hosokawa, Xenakis, Manoury, Taira, Crumb, Denisov, Reich, Vivier, Ishii, Klatzow, Limberg, Huber, Spahlinger, Sciarrino, Ablinger, Donatoni, Takemitsu, Norgard, Tan Dun, Miyoshi, Macmillan, etc. They use Spanish works of different styles and trends like Torres, López, Verdú, Sotelo, Urrutia, Humet, Bernal, Muñoz, Fernández Vidal, Pérez de Arévalo, Mínguez, Minguillon, Navarro and Bisquert, as well as pieces by new composers of different nationalities such as Wenjing, Aguirre, Housein, Filidei, Sturiale, Herman, Qin Wen and Noack.

Performers with different specialisations also collaborate with Neopercusion, such as the trumpeter Markus Stockhausen, the Arditti quartet, the flutist Juana Guillem, the violinists Sergei Teslia and Ara Malikian, the singer Celia Alcedo, Trio Arbos, Sigma Project, Ensemble Sincro, the Bandone Carbone, Speculum and Ernesto Schmith, Amores Grupo de Percussion, Tambuco Percussion Ensemble, the dancer Michelle Man, performer Jaume del Vale, and more.

Neopercusion, together with Trío Arbós, founded the Residencias Ensemble in 2005, for five years taking on the artistic management of the Residencias series organised by the Centre for the Dissemination of Contemporary Music at the Reina Sofía Art Centre in Madrid and with whom they have performed in numerous concert venues. Since 2008 they have been a Resident Group of the Chamberí District-Madrid City Council, performing at the Galileo Theatre and Teatros del Canal, as well as organising their own festivals: Ritmo Vital and Konekt@rte Sonoro.
They have released six CDs with their label Kusion Recuerdos: Todas las caras de la percussion (1997), Música hispanoamericana para percussion (1998), URBETHNIC by Neopercusion (1998), Credo in Cage (2003), Y todo esto me ha ocurrido por culpa de la música with Juanjo Guillem (2007), Deus ex maquina with Juanjo Guillem (2007), and they have also released their latest CD with the LIM label: PERCUSSION PLUS with music by Jesús Villa Rojo.

Neopercussion plays exclusively with instruments and accessories by Malletech, Zildjian, Nova Pecusió, Promusin and JEFF Malle.
The ensemble is made up of: Juanjo Guillem, Rafa Gálvez, Nerea Vera and Guillermo Calvillo.

Projecte SoXXI

Projecte SoXXI is made up of leading professionals from the Spanish artistic panorama in the field of education and different national orchestras, united in their interest in creating, performing and disseminating contemporary music for percussion.

With a track record of 11 years and feeling like the resident group at the SoXXI International Festival, they have taken part in several festivals and projects with varied artistic activity that takes in different areas of percussion music.

They have made monographs dedicated to Steve Reich, Jesús Torres, Iannis Xenakis, Josep Manuel López, Maki Ishii, Louis Aguirre and Gerard Grisey, and have performed world premieres by composers such as Sergio Blardony, Llorenç Barber-Montserrat Palacios, Javier Martínez, Jorge Sastre, Louis Aguirre, Stefano Scarani and Esther Pérez.

The different projects committed to today’s art and the need for fusion in the arts have led the group to work and collaborate with international soloists such as Jean Geoffroy, Cristian Dierstein, Philippe Spiesser, Pedro Carneiro, Juanjo Guillém, Nuno Aroso, Miquel Bernat and others. In addition, Projecte SoXXI has collaborated with diverse ensembles such as Danza Dum, the CSMV Contemporary Dance classroom, the Vocal Musicando Group, the City of Xàtiva Choir, JONDE, Neopercusion, and the SAFA Percussion Ensemble of Mexico.

Furthermore, they do significant educational work in disseminating current music and arts by designing and presenting different interdisciplinary, inter-site, inter-stage inclusive collaborative projects together with the Enclau de Arte project.

Projecte SoXXI has participated in different festivals such as the SoXXI International Festival, the Konect@rte Festival in Madrid, the Montesa Summer Festival, the Montserrat International Chamber Music Week, the Assonancies Festival in Alicante, the Xàtiva Midnight Concerts, the “Ágora Actual Percussion” International Festival in Jávea, Badajoz Youth Festival, the Madrid première of the Inuik Suite by J.L. Adams, together with JONDE and Neopercusion at the Reina Sofía Art Centre, Cage12 Marathon at the Galileo Centre in Madrid, Music Day at the National Auditorium, Current Music Series of the Vostell-Malpartida Museum within the CNDM, the Plasencia Summer Festival, Mérida International Classical Theatre Festival, the OEX Chamber Music Series, Pamplona’s After Cage Festival, and more.

Currently, Projecte SoXXI is preparing its first album, recording different pieces for percussion by the Cuban composer resident in Denmark, Louis Aguirre. It is a double-CD of newly created music intended for and dedicated to Projecte SoXXI, with various groups of chamber percussion instruments, together with other instruments such as the saxophone and the flute.
Projecte SoXXI’s members are: Borja Donet, Andreu Queralt, Miguel Angel Real, Sergi Dauder, Josep Furió, Victor Segura and Joan Soriano.

Artistic sheet

Juanjo Guillem, percussion
Rafa Gálvez, percussion
Nerea Vera, percussion
Guillermo Calvillo, percussion

Projecte SoXXI
Joan Soriano, percussion
Josep Furió, percussion

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