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Banda Simfònica Municipal de València

Banda Simfònica Municipal de València

September 26, 2021

Rafael Sanz-Espert, conductor

Banda Simfònica Municipal de València


Rafael Sanz-Espert, conductor

Vicent Campos, trumpet


Despreziana  (2020-21) Víctor Vallés (1984) 13’ (Comissioned by IVC)

Per què no? (2021) Miguel Ángel Berbis (1972) 10’

Faula (2021) Álvaro Pérez (1999) 

Crisálida (2008 rev. 2019) Toni Goig (1963)

The work Despreziana by Víctor Vallés is intended as a tribute to one of the most representative composers of the Franco-Flemish school at the end of the 15th and beginning of the 16th centuries on the 500th anniversary of his death. He was a composer revered by his contemporaries like G. Zarlino and M. Luther, from whom we borrow (as Vallés does) the melody of Pangue Lingua, a hymn attributed to Saint Thomas of Aquins intended to represent the transubstantiation (turning bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ). This cantus firmus is brought to life by three gestures that give cohesion to the work: a strong impulse representing the birth, a lament representing the death, and micro-variations in sound (height and/or timbre) representing the life itself. As Professor Rafael Caro, the great connoisseur of Chinese music, would say, “That dynamism in each sound is synonymous with existence and energy, in summary: life. The opposite, stasis, would represent death.”  
However, we cannot pass up the opportunity to make a somewhat covert reference to another great composer, Karel Husa (1921-2016). One could say that, almost like a transubstantiation, some works by the Czech come to life thanks to Josquin.  

Per què no? by Ángel Berbis is a piece for solo trumpet and band that reflects the voice of an individual within a group of individuals and which is intended to stimulate new questions through expressiveness, feelings and thought.

In 1714, Bernard Mandeville published The Fable of the Bees or Private Vices, Public Benefits. In that essay, Mandeville used a comparison with a beehive to show the vices that are part of society and which keep it standing. With Faula, Álvaro Pérez Sánchez reflects on those same ideas in our times, putting forward a discourse via a symphonic band.

Crisálida is a work made up of three movements, freely as a whole but united by an easily identifiable leitmotiv. It is performed as a dance by the oboe in the first bars, which is then imitated and developed in different ways and various sections throughout the composition, as a nexus uniting the different parts and melodic themes. It is inspired by the re-creation of the miracle of existence of butterflies, through their metamorphosis in different stages from the egg hatching and the larva developing (1stmovement), the transformation into a chrysalis (2nd), and reaching the age of an adult or imago (3rd). All of this is seen in an introspective or imaginary way, with an internal perspective of how the entire process unfolds, attempting to express it musically by evoking different moods such as sadness, joy, euphoria, etc. It is a tonal work with dissonant effects that aim to reflect the journey from the chaotic cellular beginning to the perfection provided by nature. 


09/26/2021  12:00hPalau de les Arts AuditoriumConcerts '21

Precios: Free entry until full capacity

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