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May 06, 2019

Ensemble Container - Generation Kill

Ensemble Container

The project that Container Ensemble carries out is the creation of a program/ performance of contemporary and experimental music that invites us to reflect on the social and personal consequences of the digital era.
The concert has as a central pillar Generation Kill, by the Belgian composer Stefan Prins.
This work, which has marked a turning point in the current creation of the last decade, is a reflection of the wars that occurred a few years ago in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, where technology and the use that has been given to This through devices such as drones, has made human lives are seen practically as avatars in a virtual world.

Generation Kill, written for four performers with PlayStation 3 controllers, percussion, electric guitar, violin, cello, live-electronics and live-video (in four channels), presents virtual and live manipulation as a tool for creation and criticism or denunciation at the same time, since each performer (with PS3 controller) manipulates and plays with one of the instrumentalists, making us reflect on our own actions and the supposed freedom with which we execute them. As a spectator of this work, one does not know well if what he hears and sees is the real musician or his avatar controlled by the performer, since the projections are superimposed on reality itself.

The program will be completed with two other works that use electronic and digital media and that will frame the above. Two works by composers Cathy van Eck, Wings, and Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Murderer without reason, who have a very personal sound language. Van Eck works with the relationship between microphones and speakers used as instruments. In this work, we play with the basic relationship between both devices: feedback. Three performers manipulate that feedback moving through space hidden behind three white panels, which allow to pass or block that sound according to the movement they create. In addition, we will attend the premiere of a new work commissioned to composer Joan Gómez Alemany.


Joan Gómez Alemany (1990) - TV (TeleVision) = TN (TransNacional) = TNT (TurnerNetworkTelevision) (TriNitroToulene) (2019) (8 ')
Commissioned by the Ensems Festival

Jorge Sánchez-Chiong (1969) - Murderer without reason (2013) (8 ')

Cathy Van Eck (1979) - Wings (2007-2008) (9 ')

Stefan Prins (1979) - Generation Kill (2012) (25 ')


05/06/2019  20:00hSala Luis García Berlanga


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