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May 10, 2019

Stefano Gervasoni & Carlos Mena

Stefano Gervasoni - Carlos Mena

The protagonist of the two pieces is the countertenor, a concept that unites them and that determines all compositional decisions, including those related to music and text, a symbiosis (in a rhythmic, melodic and timbre plane) between the voice and the instruments.
In Busque Amor, the oboe and the trombone are the ones that accompany the voice and in Romper el día the tube (treated as a double instrument).

The chosen texts show the necessary effort to achieve this symbiosis. Love, disagreements and their turbulence, the desire to merge with the loved one and resist this loss of self identity. The search for another place, in death, in pain, in another person, in the hereafter ...


Niccolò Castiglioni (1932-1996) - Aleph (1965) (7')

Jörg Widman (1908-1992) - Air (2005) (8') 

Stefano Gervasoni (1962) . Romper del día (2014) (13')

Nadir Vassena (1970) - Nottetempo, per trombone (2016) (7')

Stefano Gervasoni (1962) - Busque Amor novas artes, novo engenho (2007) (8'30")
Carlos Mena, Countertenor
Vicente Moronta, Oboe
Clemens Gottschling, Horn
Adrián Albaladejo Díaz, Trombone


05/10/2019  21:00hSala Luis García Berlanga


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