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Coproduced by Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical (CNDM)

Coproduced by Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical (CNDM)

Suported by Kunststiftung NRW

Suported by Kunststiftung NRW

September 18 to 19, 2020

Trío Feedback


Esteban Algora, accordion
Ricard Capellino, saxophones
Dario Calderone, double bass


José Manuel López López (1956) Trío IV_Feedback (2017-2018)
Yasuko Yamaguchi (1969) Stein.Wasser.Licht** (2020)
Kunststiftung NRW commissioned première
José María Sánchez-Verdú (1968) Sphaerae (2018)
Àngela Gómez (1991) Retorns* (2020) CNDM commissioned première
Manuel Rodríguez Valenzuela (1980) T(t)-blocks (extended) b+b2+f+g* (2020) CNDM commissioned première

Programme notes

Etern retorn… (“Eternal recurrence…”)

From 1883 to 1885, the German philosopher Nietzsche wrote his book Thus spoke Zarathustra. In it he addresses the theory of “eternal recurrence” in which, among the many mythical, philosophical concepts and so forth, there is the sense of circular time and of everything that has already happened happening again, albeit not in an exact repetitive way but as a changing event, making each moment in time unique and eternal…

This recurrence, understood as individual and collective listening feedback, is what gives body to the concert presented by Trío Feedback through the different perspectives and thoughts of five modern composers.

One example of this circular movement is shown in the work Sphaerae (2018) by the composer José María Sánchez-Verdú, inspired by Dante’s cosmogonic thinking and his Divine Comedy. In addition, the Trío IV_Feedback (2017-2018) by the composer José Manuel López López attempts to familiarise us with windows of time by combining the differential sounds made by the instruments that give life to discourse in the form of internal movement.

Together with these two ones, there are three absolute premieres being presented in the concert. Retorns (2020) is by the Valencian composer Ángela Gómez, in which the concept of gesture and the auditory memory of sound materials are the general drive for discourse. The homogeneity and idiomatic differences between the three instruments that make up Trío Feedback (sax, double bass and accordion) will be shown in the work Stein.Wasser.Licht (2020) by the Japanese composer Yasuko Yamaguchi, and in T (t) -blocks (extended) b + b2 + f + g, by Manuel Rodríguez Valenzuela. The material, the different way of showing it and the different connections/contexts will bring us closer to an almost kaleidoscopic vision originally inspired by the videogame Tetris.

All of the works are dedicated to and intended for Trío Feedback.


09/18/2020  20:00hMartín i Soler Theatre of Palau de Les ArtsConcerts '20
09/19/2020  19:30hAuditori and Palau de Congressos in CastellónConcerts '20

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