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May 11, 2019

Vertixe Sonora - Flow

Vertixe Sonora

"Flow" establishes in succession four compositions of ensemble articulated by three interventions of soloists and live electronics. Three of these compositions are linked to the plastic arts: Recerques Sonores de Ángela Gómez takes as reference the work of the artist from Alicante Juana Francés (Alicante 1924 - Madrid, 1990); Victor Ibarra (Mexico, 1978) through his tribute to the Mexican painter Francisco Toledo (Juchitán, 1940); and Flow, by Arturo Corrales (El Salvador / Switzerland, 1973) is inspired by the work of the Salvadoran Rodolfo Oviedo Vega (San Salvador, 1980). Jacobo Gaspar ((Spain, 1975) reflects on La Luz, its absence and sound, on the rational and sensorial implications of the lack of light, of winter, of darkness, of noise. It will be done through three pieces of the cycle Die Wanderung by Lula Romero (Spain, 1976), recently recorded by Vertixe Sonora for the WERGO label.


Ángela Gómez (1991) - Recerques Sonores (2019)
Work Première. Comissioned by Festival Ensems

Lula Romero (1976) Die Wanderung III (2016-17)

Víctor Ibarra (1978) - Homage to Francisco Toledo (2014) (12 ')

Lula Romero (1976) - Die Wanderung IV (2016-17)

Jacobo Gaspar (1975) - Luz - non luz II (2019)
Work Première. Comissioned by Vertixe Sonora

Lula Romero (1976) - Die Wanderung V (2016-17)

Arturo Corrales (1973) - Flow (2019)
Work Première. Comissioned by Vertixe Sonora. With the suport of the Fondation Nicati.

Pedro Amaral, conductor
Maribeth Diggle, soprano
Clara Saleiro, flute
Pablo Coello, saxophone
María Mogas, accordion
Roberto Alonso, violin
Ailsa Lewin, cello
Angélica Vázquez, harp
Rubén Barros, electric guitar
David Durán, piano
Diego Ventoso, percussion
Ángel Faraldo, electronics and sound diffusion


05/11/2019  20:00hSala Luis García Berlanga

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