X-Ensems Concerts pedagògics

Friday 22 September 2023
Museu de Belles Arts - Castelló
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The X-Ensems educational project is aimed at students and teachers from professional conservatories in Cullera and Dènia, together with two composition students from the Valencia Higher Music Conservatory.

Participants have to tackle a collaborative work based
on experimental sound proposals as their means of
expression, using all kinds of materials (musical or not) and the possibilities for integrating them into the project, so that in the process of work and experimentation they develop a curiosity, tolerance and understanding of the many possibilities provided by newly created music. To do so, different encounters have been set up in the form of workshops, where interconnected pieces will be progressively constructed collectively and then performed in an open space shared with the audience. This year’s workshop is based on the artist Eusebio Sempere, whose birth centenary is being commemorated. Sempere’s world, with its “mobiles” and its Fluxus environment (Actum in Valencia, led by the Ensems founder Llorenç Barber) will serve as an example to construct the scenery and sound proposals.

The city, on any given day, is to be the central idea. Each participant will contribute their ideas throughout the creation process.



Conservatori Professional de Música “Tenor Cortis” de Dénia

Composer: Marc Alexandre Mayor

Professors: Marc Moreno, Antoni Pelló, David Espí, Elena Berenguer and Víctor Vallés.

Musicians: Leandro Alexander, Alberto Berruti, Miquel Calafat, Miguel Ferrer, Àlex Morell, Manel Pérez and Albert Ramos.


Conservatori Professional de Música “Rafael Talens” de Cullera

Composer: Mar Caballer

Professors: Fermín Clemente, Miquel Aguilar, Pablo Pardo and Ricard Capellino.

Musicians: Raquel Bodí, Jaume Cremades, Vicent Corachán, Isabel Galindo, Mireia Garcia, Rubén Guillot, Pablo Gómez, Fran Fernández,  Elena Hovhannisyan, Edurne Peralta, Josep Romans y Alex Sanjuan.


Artistic advisor: Núria Núñez Hierro
Coordination: Neus Fontestad


‘Kinestèsia’ is a project in the form of a sound walk around some of the living spaces that surround us. Both musical instruments are used, as well as objects that we find in everyday life such as: glasses, irons, reeds, water or stones.

With all this, different sounds have been explored to configure a “narrative” sound discourse from different perspectives offered by everyday environments. Five stations represent the spaces of coexistence:
City / Industry / Natural Area / Port / House